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One of the beauties of having children is the constant state of curiosity that they seem to live in. They challenge your intellect seeking to make sense of the world around them. My children are constantly asking me the meanings … Continue reading

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Time to Grow Up

I’ve been dreaming quite a bit recently. I remember them when I wake, try to puzzle it out a bit, roll over, fall back asleep and forget all about it. The other morning was different. I did the dreaming, the … Continue reading

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Our Leaving Date is Fast Approaching

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Distraction is the demon that I am currently struggling with.  I must admit that he is more like an old friend than a demon but he does put a spoke in my to do list. My husband would argue that … Continue reading

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The fireworks have ended, time has ticked forward and the party is over. Perhaps not over but definitely drawing to a close. It’s 2012 … Happy New Year. This post has been forming and reforming itself in my mind the … Continue reading

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