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My Year in Review

Have I mentioned that I love Facebook. I love that I can interact with friends and family all over the world. I get to hear so much of what is happening in their lives that normally I would miss out. … Continue reading

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“Firsts” in Denmark

It occurred to me yesterday as I sat in our lounge room with two sick kids … Ok, one sick kid and one who knows how to twist his mum around his little finger … that our time in Denmark … Continue reading

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Pork and Beetroot!

For the last few months I have been receiving three meals a week from a local company, Aarstiderne.  It’s fantastic.  I wasn’t certain at first but a friend convinced me to try them, so I did.  Aarstiderne supplies me with … Continue reading

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Joy in the Daily Commute

Some days the effort of driving the hubby to work and then the kids to school through the peak hour traffic can do my head in.  Lately it has been different.  Perhaps it is the women’s stress vitamins I am … Continue reading

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How Rude

If America is the land of the free, then Denmark is the land of the equal. No one is better than anyone else nor more deserving. So much so, that the Danish word ‘You’ that is used as a mark … Continue reading

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I’ll Just Leave

I have an itchy scalp at the moment that I think is due to the high limescale content in the water here in Denmark. It has me thinking. There are many irritating aspects of living in each country and I … Continue reading

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