We’re I’m At…

Taken while walking with the puppies, the kiddies and the hubby

Taken while walking with the puppies, the kiddies and the hubby

Life’s good. I’ve just finished up an evening with my neighbours chatting about life, about wine and about God. It’s pretty cool and highlighted how well I think I’m travelling.

This blog started as an attempt to document the next transition that I was facing. That is, moving back home to Australia. We had been overseas for 12 years and, to be honest, I was somewhat apprehensive. We’d left Melbourne the day after our wedding. It was as if we were returning as adults to a place where we’d only ever been kids.

I had no idea what to expect and little experience to draw on. It’s nearly three years (shy one month) since we arrived. So much has changed, so much is still the same. Life is still life. I think we’re travelling as we always have done. We are flourishing as are our kids. We’re navigating the bumps, we’re riding the waves. We swerve every now and then but manage to get back on track.

Our network remains international with new local flavours. We’ve managed to settle into a new unknown community a stone’s throw from where we grew up. We’re learning the art of community – how to plant ourselves and let our roots grow deep.  I still skirt the edges a bit while my husband does the hard work of warming up the crowd. The kids are carving out their own niches while holding on to identities formed in varied communities.

Like I said, life’s good. I couldn’t have planned it better.

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