New Year … New Start

IMG_5282The last post I wrote was in September … it’s been quite a while. The intention to write was there but I never managed to sit down and put finger to keyboard. Ideas would begin to take fruit in my mind and then drift off never to be seen again.

2013 was a big year in adjustment for me. Starting a new FULL TIME job threw a huge spanner into my life. While I worked through this new aspect of life into my routine I pushed huge chunks of myself to the background.

Working was a huge mental adjustment – my brain was activated in new ways and some of the cogs were a little rusty. It was a huge physical adjustment – my job requires me to be on my feet for the majority of the day, lifting stock, moving pallets of stock as well as getting up before 7.

On top of the physical and mental, there was an emotional adjustment. For the first time I was putting my children in care. It took some time for the three of us to get used to that. The children missed the time that they ‘perceived’ they were now missing. As I explained to my daughter, I finish work at 4:30 and pick them up at 4:45. Prior to my working they would drop their bags at my feet and run off to play with their friends (or by themselves) for 45 mins or so. Leaving me to sit on my lonesome as the playground emptied. The amount of time they were missing was less than half an hour.

In mid november I realised that we were approaching the eighteen month mark of our repatriation. That was the starting point for the estimated number of months it takes before you begin to feel normal again upon returning home. And I have to say, I feel settled. I feel less and less as if I am visiting and more and more as if I belong. Working has helped place me here as it has provided a defined structure to my life that was missing in the first six months. I feel less dissatisfied with our house and more satisfied as I am able to plan changes, see them implemented and know that I will be here to enjoy them in the long term.

So 2014 looks to be another year of new beginnings. This is the year I plan to weave the different strands of my life and personality into a thread. Where I find time for more of the things I wish to do. It may also change the direction of this blog as I focus less on who I was as an expatriate and more on who I am as an individual.

Let’s hope I manage to post more often as well. Happy New Year.


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