It’s been just over two weeks since I’ve started work. AND!! There’s some good news. I’ve survived!! Who would have thought.

I am a little coffee deprived and very cafe deprived. However, on the up side, I think I may be losing parts of myself. Possibly my mind but definitely some of the jiggly bits. My husband, with his head to the side and squinting a little, says “no, I don’t think so.” As with many things he says, I think he’s wrong.

Working has been a bit of a stretch. Some days more so than others.

My new working life began the same week my husband disappeared off to India and Singapore for ten days. Initially I thought that this would cause great pain but not so. It actually turned out quite well. When I came home at night, there was one less person to talk to and one less person to annoy me. Was actually quite a bonus. There was also less pressure to do housework, look good or stay awake.

His disappearance (I like calling a trip for work a disappearance … feels like it sometimes) led to some comments that amused Kirsty Rice over at 4 Kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle.

The first week of work also coincided with a teacher’s strike. No problem, thought I. I can handle this. We’ll just book them into childcare. Apparently, not so easy. The school discouraged us from sending our kids to school (if our teachers were striking) but was not officially closed. Since the school was not officially closed, no childcare. Thankfully my mother-in-law rescued us. Crisis averted.

In the second week, my daughter went to camp so we turned up to Before School Care with a suitcase. Seemed wrong. It was the first time I have not been there to farewell her on a trip. You would think that we would be cool with the whole going away scenario especially after she managed a trip to Berlin by train for four nights (longer than this camp). Still felt teary as I walked back to the car. Little Miss Drama was homesick every night and managed to be kicked in the head by a cartwheeling friend. Thankfully I was not required to ring up my dad and ask me to drive up and collect her with me because I was too tired to do it on my own.

It’s now week three and I am beginning to feel as if I am not WAY out of my depth. Why out of my depth? Well, for one, I am working for the first time in twelve years and am coming home each night to look after two kids and a cat. Never done that before.

For another, I am working with people with disabilities which is not my area of expertise. In actual fact it is not my area at all. Prior to this month, I could count on one hand the number of disabled people I had met. I wasn’t sure how I would manage but I think that I am doing ok. In actual fact, I am beginning to see less of their disabilities and more of their personalities shining through. They can be challenging, as can anybody, and they can be great fun. It’s a mixed bag as it is with any job. Most days I feel as if I am surrounded by children who laugh, bicker, pout, impress and frustrate.

Then there’s the ‘jobby’ part of my role. I am a production supervisor. I am working in a warehouse, calling up stock, and sending it back. I where a reflective orange vest (am past concerning myself with whether the vest clashes with my shirt) and shoes that are supportive and practical. I have learnt what a pallet truck is, how to put new tape on a tape dispensary thingy, new stickers in the sticker gun, change the ink without looking like I’ve just been finger printed and managed to coordinate a group of 30 individuals,  with mixed abilities into an orderly, functioning production line without losing my temper … more than twice.

To be honest … I am very impressed with myself. The difficulty is that I don’t feel completely comfortable in my new role. I do not yet feel that I can be myself. For instance, it does not seem appropriate to walk out onto the production floor and tell them how clever I am now that I know how to use the sticker gun. I don’t think that they would be impressed at all. They would probably all scratch their heads wondering, “what is a sticker gun?”

As you can see, there are still a few more things to learn. I am tempted to ask for a glossary explaining all the new terms that I need to use. I beginning to get my head around the computer system but there are some aspects of the process that I can’t quite grasp. Everyone is being very patient and not treating me like the clueless princess that I sometimes feel like. It is mildly disturbing though that I may never have nice nails again.

My feet are sore, my body is tired (I don’t know that I have ever moved so much) and I fall asleep while my husband talks and not the other way around.

Happy but exhausted.

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5 Responses to Exhausted

  1. Well done! I can relate to most of this (don’t have a cat, for one thing). And I envy you the moving part of your job; I spend the vast majority of my time staring at a computer screen 😦 The best thing is that you are, as you say, happy. Keep it up!

  2. Jackie Jenvey says:

    Our green cards should be processed in a year or so and I await this event with both excitement and dread. Excitement that I can at last choose to enter the Professional world and dread because I am not sure I am ready for this huge step. Reading your posts reassures me that I may possibly survive. Well done, if anyone can juggle all aspects of work and family life it’s you!

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