My Year in Review

Courtesy of Facebook. My Year in Review

Courtesy of Facebook. My Year in Review

Have I mentioned that I love Facebook. I love that I can interact with friends and family all over the world. I get to hear so much of what is happening in their lives that normally I would miss out. We see each other in colour. In gorgeous paintings rather than snapshots. I feel part of their lives even though our circles no longer overlap.

One of my favourite things is the end of year wrap up. Every year there is some sort of collage that is presented highlighting what you told FB about your life. Given the big move I made this year, it moves me more than usual. So according to FB, here is my year in review.

FB tells me that in January, my friend Jackie left Copenhagen. This particular farewell was a culmination of a series of farewells that had begun in October the previous year. It was a period of endless farewells that was documented by group photos of the women (almost exclusively) who had been an important part of the life of the woman who was leaving. I love seeing the smiling faces of these women who I used to see everyday. (I count 8 or so out of 29 have left Copenhagen since that photo was taken.)

Also in January, there is a picture of the two Aussie Kims at Cultures Day proudly showing off our culture to the school community. While I was known to moan a little at the thought of Culture’s Day, I will readily admit it is one aspect of the school I will greatly miss. While our current school is not lacking in a cultural mix, I do miss the representation and celebration of the different cultures. Australia is described as a large melting pot of cultures from all over the world. Unfortunately, we don’t always see it in our neighbourhoods, celebrate it in our neighbourhoods and rejoice in our diversity as we did at CIS. I will miss that.

In February I am sitting around a table knitting. Oh!! How I do miss these weekly meetings and the ladies around the table. The lovely lunches organised and cooked by our very own non knitting chef, the wise ones who dropped their knitting to help me through my stuff ups. The laughter, the banter. Hard to imagine that this group formed my life for less than six months. It made such a huge impact. This, too, I will miss.

For the february break I was in Portugal. Gorgeous! Love reliving those moments through the pictures I took. Eternally grateful to our friends for allowing us to use their home as a base for exploring their city.

In March, I befriended my Scottish Texan friend, Avril. Surely it wasn’t that late! Although our time together was short it is hard to imagine that you weren’t always there. PTA meetings would have been less entertaining without your presence.

April contained the highlight of my year. I visited Amsterdam and the Keukenhoff Gardens. If that wasn’t exciting enough I spent time with two very good friends and caught up with two more. Fantastic trip punctuated with gazillions of tulip photos. Is there such a thing as too many tulip photos. I think not.

In June, I left my job at Life of a Tai Tai. Deep breathe. I also farewelled my friend, Jill at our favourite cake and coffee house. Another lovely photo full of gorgeous smiling faces. These pictures are closely followed by Jill’s farewell birthday party (lots of tears that day). My son hitting a piñata with his two best friends standing behind.

By the end of July I had bought a house. What a jump. Tears and farewells so quickly followed by jubilation. Although I lived it my brain is struggling to comprehend the massive shift in emotion in the FB collage.

My birthday in August highlighted in messages from friends far flung and close by. The photos of my family celebration do not appear … the first celebration with my parents in over a decade.

Jill remembers our knitting group on FB when she finds the card we gave her in the course of her unpacking. A thumbs up for FB. Reminding me of a moment that is easily forgotten.

By the end of August, I’m jumping for joy as our shipment cleared customs. A fortnight later, our house settles and not long after we move in. Hard to fathom that is under three months ago. I feel like I’ve been sitting in this room typing away for at least a year. Which highlights how at home I feel in my new home. I even have a cupboard that needs to be tidied already. That I’m ignoring.

In October, I in Sydney visiting my friend, Suki and her daughter. Friends we met in Copenhagen who spent a year down under. The first and last catch up that we managed together. Fantastic weekend as it gave me the opportunity to catch up with my extended family as well. Hoping there will be plenty more trips as two days does limit the number of people to see.

In November I received recognition for my study in the form of a certificate from the University. Long overdue but so proud to have it. Now to stick it on a wall.

That’s it. There was much more as I am rather prolific on FB. How the algorithms managed to pick these few, I don’t know. While it did not cover everything, it did not mention every person who made my year memorable.  However, FB did manage to hit on the major themes of my year. They deserve a round of applause as do those people who made my year one of joy, chock full of memories and a definite highlight in my life.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2013.



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