Our New Baby

I am most definitely an optimist. I am writing this quick post to share my latest joy. Typing on a laptop, perched on my lap, as my new furry friend attacks my elbow with her sharp little claws and teeth. She has also found a piece of exposed flesh and sunk sharp bits in there too. Ouch!

So cute.

Let me introduce you to Marble.

Meet Marble

Meet Marble

She is just as gorgeous as this picture presents her. She’s cute, she’s cuddly and she is a little nuts at times.

We haven’t had a pet since our daughter was twelve months old. That was nearly ten years ago. Alpha was left behind in Shanghai (with our Ayi’s sister … no, he was not dinner) after he left a scratch millimeters beneath Amy’s eye. It freaked me out somewhat. Alpha was a rescue cat and had more nutty moments than sane. However, he was not the worry. Half an hour after being marred for life, my darling daughter started grabbing his tail again. We did him a favour really.

Amy’s face healed and no one sees the scar anymore. Even those of us that know where to look. However, we haven’t had a pet since (fish don’t count). Alpha did not scare us away from pet ownership. Australia’s quarantine laws did that for us. It seemed unfair to buy a pet knowing that it may have to spend over 8 weeks in quarantine upon arrival back in Australia.

Thankfully we are now home and can fill our house with all manner of furry friends. I have already been designated the chief trainer (read meany) in the family. The others feel she is too cute to say no to. I must admit, I see their point. She has slowed down my ability to clean or do much of anything else. She is keen to try her paw at typing out this post but … well, I draw the line at my laptop. She tried to swipe my phone earlier today and was told quite firmly that that too was not allowed.

Playing with my knitting, no. Exploring my messy cupboard of my stuff, no. My wardrobe, no. Anything that I hope to replace sooner rather than later (like the hideous curtains) … go to town!

She’s cute, she’s crazy, she’s distracting. I may never be fully focused on an episode of Homeland again.

As I said … she’s a joy.

Ouch! She just bit me.

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