If Only You Could Move into My Mind

The Yarra by Me

It’s done. The move is over and we are now fully ensconced into a Melbournian life as if we had never left. The only indication that we’ve ever been anywhere else is a few pieces of Asian furniture and piles and piles of our ‘stuff’ that we’re not sure what to do with. The move will be fully complete when I can back out of our driveway without scraping the front or causing the car to have a cardiac arrest. It’s rather steep.

The move has been exciting, rewarding and relatively painless. During the process, I would have sworn that I was in pain. Sometimes it seemed as if I was hurting quite a bit. However, in retrospect, I have no reason to complain. Every prayer has been answered, every dream fulfilled. There are no needs unmet, no desires unfulfilled. Life seems complete. So if you hear me complaining, you have permission to tell me to pull my head in.

The sad thing is that during the move there have been a few well thought out posts that were never written. During the process of rumination, I developed some fantastic commentaries on my life that I forgot to save on the hard drive of my mind. Even worse, I forgot to type them and save them on the cloud in the sky.

I think, more than likely an accurate thinking, that the reason for this loss of literary genius is a lack of discipline. Hard to believe but very possibly true. My organisation skills are failing me completely. Hopefully I will remember my words at some point.

Now off to write a novel to our friends detailing our lives over the last few months.

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