Moved In

The View from my new “Study”. Can’t complain.

I’m writing this from the couch of my new study. The TV is setup, I can see my knitting from where I sit, I have flowers and a fantastic view. The kettle is a short walk away as is the cupboard full of my cookbooks, knitting books, gardening books, coffee cups, family history files. I feel that I am set. Beyond this small space is the remnants of unpacking that still need a new home. Today is Sunday and I am taking a rest.

For me, life is amazing, I feel very blessed. Many of the desires that I had for “THE” house have been fulfilled although not in the ways that I had envisioned. I’m not in the suburb that I sort to be in. However, we have found an enclave that offers what we were after and only a short drive from my family. We have bushland on our back doorstep where we can hear the birds singing and the wind rustling the leaves. We have a fantastic big deck that elevates our views over rooftops and towards the sky. It wasn’t till I sat there yesterday morning watching fluffy clouds that I realised that I like being able to see over rooftops. It reminds me of the view from our bedroom window in Denmark.

Another unexpected joy was finding that there is a forsythia bush in our backyard. It’s yellow leaves bought smiles to our faces as we recalled our good friend explaining to us, in NJ, that the yellow bush we saw everywhere was called forsythia. He was too polite to completely express his surprise at our excitement over such a common shrub. Yesterday, as I peered over the edge of our deck to the backyard below, I pointed it out to Mum. Little things can make your day.

We have a basement in a country almost devoid of basements. We call it our media room and it is, as all basements should be, a place to send the kids when they drive me nuts. Outside the basement is a beautiful patio area which leads to our backyard. It is sheltered by the deck and will be another living room at some later date when funds allow. Right now, it houses the trampoline. Another blessing is that the trampoline fits as the rest of our block slopes and it look destined for ebay.

The best bit about our new house is that it is complete. It has everything we need without any green eyed envy or feelings of having missed out on anything. Plus!! it has scope. There are things that we can still do to place our mark on this our new home. Some will be in the garden, some will be minor (ish) renovations down the track. Some will involve paint, some new floorings. It will all be fun. It will all be ours. We can plant our trees and put down roots without fear of moving on.

Traveling was fun. We enjoyed every moment and loved the people we met along the way. As I sit here in my perfect room there is only one thing missing – the girls I know and love who have all been part of the journey that led me here. I long for the day that each of you will sit on my couch with me for a coffee and a chat.

I live in hope that that day will come.

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2 Responses to Moved In

  1. Ginny Monk says:

    Can’t wait until the day to have that coffee and chat with you on your deck! Miss you guys but so happy for your landing back home for good.

    • Laney says:

      Me too. I am in the process of putting pictures of people we know and miss all over my fridge. Have run out of inserts so will be sourcing some more very soon.

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