Playing footy on the ‘G’

It’s amazing the things you miss that you often don’t realise you are missing. Since we have returned to Melbourne, I feel as if I am once again a part of the large community that I live in.

Living in a country where you don’t understand the language does put you at a disadvantage. I was never overly bothered that I didn’t understand the radio, the TV or the newspapers. In this digital age it was quite easy to call up news, entertainment, or whatever I needed on the internet. However, I was not part of the ‘chatter’ of the city in which I lived.

To be in Melbourne during the football season is an experience. I never did pine for it (unlike the hubby) nor did I feel the need to follow the results over the net. However, since we have returned (and the hubby has fully immersed himself back into his natural environment) I can not help but be drawn into the football culture that permeates Melbourne.

It’s not just the football. Listening to the radio while I drive the kids to and from school is a great treat. Not only do I understand what is being said but I understand the context behind the conversations. I get the innuendoes, the references to the past … I understand this culture. In the supermarkets I can read the headlines on the cheap magazines and know instantly the story behind the headline. I also now remember that the there is rarely much more than the headline … it only took one or two purchases.

I have always managed to find community. However, I was rarely part of the larger community. Even when I understood the language, I never felt plugged in. Always somewhat isolated. That could be due to many different things. Knowing that you would move on being high on the list.

It’s only now that I feel connected again do I realise what I had been missing. It’s nice to be home.

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