Don’t Rely on Facebook

This is currently my favourite photo. I love the cup. It reminds me of the day the photo was taken and of all the ladies who were around the table. It reminds me especially of the very special friend who ordered it.

I have been told that I am quite good at keeping in contact with people. Generally by people who profess that they are not. I used to be. I used to send people lengthy emails that required large chunks of time and a hot beverage to read. I then found blogging and thought that that was a much better use of my time. The posts were still lengthy and often weighted down with photos galore. People seemed to enjoy them.

Then along came Facebook. I love Facebook. I love the movie, the interface (even coming to terms with the new timeline) and I love how it has empowered the inner stalker in me. I used to think it was perfect. I used to be able to keep an eye on ALL my friends. See what they were doing, who they were talking to and, with a few of them, I would even wonder if they had dropped off the planet or perhaps forgotten that they had a FB account.

Facebook is no longer perfect for me. It’s still pretty good and I have not found anything that replaces it. Perhaps it was a software upgrade or an upgrade in my friend list (moving country will do that to you) but some of my dearest people no longer appear on my timeline as often as I would like. And not because they’re not posting. Even more concerning, I don’t appear on theirs. A good friend in the US had to set time aside yesterday to catch up on my published life. Something that should never happen if Facebook worked as intuitively as I would like.

The point of this is not to denigrate Facebook. Rather it is a reminder to not rely on Facebook to keep in contact with the people who are close to you. I am somewhat prolific on Facebook. However, you are never going to see what is going on in my head just by reading Facebook entries or my blog posts. You’ll keep me entertained (especially if you respond) but you will never see nor hear the incredibly honest opinions that you are used to. You know, the ones that make you spit that bit of coffee back into your cup so it doesn’t spatter across the room.

This is true of your other friends as well. Not everyone we love likes Facebook. In my experience, often the ones we love most have accounts that don’t even have a profile picture. While I can not imagine taking a break from Facebook, others manage to live quite complete lives without it. One day they will be running causes or AA equivalent groups.

Don’t leave Facebook but do pick up the phone, type an individual email, text, send a funny photo that only they will understand. Often a line, a thought, your name in their inbox … it can completely change a person’s day.


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2 Responses to Don’t Rely on Facebook

  1. Avril Schofield says:

    I was there! When that photo was taken , i remember! And yes, it is a lovely cup and saucer.

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