I am reusing images … blah!!

Everyone in my household is excited at the moment. We have three weeks before we receive the keys to our new house. So exciting! So why am I not feeling it? I think it must be because I am a visual person. I don’t actually know if I’m a visual person or not. Doubtful as I do tend to live quite a bit in my head and generally enjoy the reality of a good novel over real life. Ok, I’ll be honest. It doesn’t have to be a good novel.

So why am I not feeling it? I don’t know but I’m not. You didn’t see it but I did stop typing and contemplate the question for full minute before giving up and stating that I have no idea.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am enjoying the shopping aspect of this move. We have bought new cars, new appliances, a new laptop for me (hehe), and a new couch … once again, for me. That was pretty exciting as I wasn’t sure I was going to pull off “I need this couch.” The hubby even liked the colour I chose and since I have managed to pair it with a rug we already own it was obviously meant to be.

However, the truth is, apart from the cars and the laptop, we don’t have any of this swish new stuff yet and I am still living in my temporary life. And I’m getting tired. I’m at the point in the transition where I am over being grateful that we have a fabulous place to stay in a great location with plenty of space. Now, I’ve transitioned into “I hate the oven” and “I can’t wait till we have proper digital tv and I don’t have to keep moving stupid rabbit ears to get reception.”

If you ask me in a time of good humour, I will tell you how grateful I am for how well our relocation has worked out. I will be the first one to tell you how fortunate we have been. It has all fallen into place quite nicely. There is nothing to complain about.  Really.

Except there is. Well there isn’t but let’s face facts. I’m ready to move into the next stage and am bored with the waiting. I am not interested in discussing where our furniture will go in the new living room. I want to drive my hubby crazy pushing it round and round in circles until we get it just right. I’m ready to unpack boxes, scream in frustration at all the junk we have collected and wonder aloud where we are supposed to stash it all.

I’m ready to put down roots. I looked at some bulbs in the Reject Shop over the weekend (because I don’t trust myself in a nursery) and couldn’t buy them because I have nowhere to plant them.  Not for three whole weeks! It’s nearly spring and I want to be planted!! NOW!!

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