I love the rhythms of my family. Especially on weekends. I love waking up slowly, knowing that there is nowhere you need to be, no schedules that need to be kept. I love standing in front of the stove making pancakes one by one. Well I don’t always love that but I did this morning.

We decided to play hookey this morning. My first waking was to the sound of rain hitting the trees outside. My first thought was, “Yay!! No sport this morning.” Given the earliness of the hour, my mind quickly grasped that here was an opportunity to good to let pass. I rolled over and said to the hubby, “we’re not going to Auskick and basketball today… are we!” He grunted something that I interpreted as, “No, let’s sleep in, Sweetie.”. So I did.

The children wandered in somewhat later and crawled into bed with us to enjoy some cuddles. It was lovely. I mentioned to them that we weren’t going to sport due to the rain (which had actually stopped) and they hid their disappointment behind a cheer and deeper snuggle. The snuggle didn’t last long and quickly turned into trying to disjoint parts of their parents anatomy using the pointy bits of theirs. Magical.

Our slow start was followed by a trip to the Prahran Market. I don’t think I’ve ever been there but know we will all be back. The stalls were full of so many yummy foods and there was plenty of sampling to be done. Diversity, freshness, wonder, remembrance, friendliness, culture … all at our fingertips. Today was a dose of familiarity that I had been needing.

Our rhythms are in flux at the moment. Between homes, with new jobs, routines still being formed .. it’s unsettling, it’s tiring, it’s frustrating. We’re not sure what life looks like here and most of the time I still feel as if this is temporary. It is still strange to think that at Christmas we will still be here. We will be living the rhythms of this new, yet familiar, city.

My husband and son are finding their rhythms in the football season. Both children in their new life at school. I envy them some days the structure of their days.

Structure, routine and rhythm is coming. I see it on the horizon. I see it … but I want it now.

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