A Home!!

Paperbark Tree

I am recycling pictures from a previous post as I am currently living without my usual robust connection to the internet.  I know I should be grateful to have internet but, as in all things, gratitude is momentary. Annoyances always creep in.  However, the picture I took of the paperbark tree is apt because!!!!  …. we have bought a house and it looks out onto trees!!  Not sure if they are of the paperbark variety but definitely of the gum.

Everything is moving along smoothly with boxes being ticked left, right and centre.  I have a lovely car, a new house … hmmm … kids schooling sorted …. what’s next on the list?  A job?  Moving right along.

Back to the house.  It is in Vermont which is about 5 kms from my mother and sister, and 8 kms from my brother.  So nice and close to family.  About 20 mins to my husband’s family – very doable and everyone happy.  Tick, tick, tick.

We move in around the middle of september so have a few more weeks here in Blackburn.  A few more weeks of putting my feet up and enjoying life before real life sets in.

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