Getting to Know Local


Last week I was very busy meeting different agents to view houses that we are interested in purchasing.  Thankfully for you, this will not be an essay on house hunting.  Not to spare your feelings but more to spare mine.  What was interesting in this experience was how little I know about areas that are only 5 to 10 minutes down the road from where my parents live.

Not sure … actually … no idea

My parents live just off a main arterial in Melbourne called Springvale Rd.  It runs, roughly, north south through one part of the eastern suburbs.  I have made trips up and down Springy Rd countless times but very rarely venture into the suburbs that border it.  Blackburn, where I am currently staying, is one such suburb.

Gorgeous Gum Trees

Much of Melbourne is developed on a grid system of roads.  It makes navigating very easy.  Basically, if you get lost, just head in one direction and eventually you’ll hit a major road.  Generally works well.  The pocket of Blackburn that I am staying in is bordered by Springvale Rd, Canterbury Rd. Whitehorse Rd and Blackburn Rd.  The area is largely residential and in the middle of it is the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary.  It is a little bit of the Aussie bush in the midst of modern suburbia.  And it is beautiful.


It is full of gum trees, wattle, squawking birdlife, snakes, turtles, fish, lizards and whatever else makes up a healthy eco system.  It is also full of trails to follow.  This is what I did this morning after I dropped the kids at school.  I wandered peacefully through the bush listening to the leaves rustling, the birds squawking and smiling at the odd person walking by.  Oh … I also took a few pics.

Not sure. A wildflower 🙂

I think you all know how much I love to take photos of flowers.  Well I now have a whole new canvas to shoot at.  I have included some here in this post.  The majority I don’t know the name of but am not overly concerned.  That what my Mum, Aunt and Nanna are for.


After I finished my stroll through the lake sanctuary I headed back home past all the wonderful houses I can’t afford to buy.  Sounds mildly depressing but its not.  Hopefully I can reveal all next week.  It’s not till my little legs started walking along that I realised how hilly the streets of Blackburn are.  It’s quite up and down and makes the slight inclines of Virum (Denmark) that I tried to run up seem insignificant.  For now there will be no running here.

Paperbark Tree

Even though I had left the sanctuary, the streets are full of trees and the birds fly out to squawk at their mates three streets over.  Lorikeets are very pretty but … my goodness … they are loud!!  It’s like hearing Fran Drescher let loose at some hoity toity event.  Nightingales these beauties are not.  But it is so great to hear their voices.  Old friends reacquainted.

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2 Responses to Getting to Know Local

  1. Gorgeous photos, especially that spirally flower – have never seen anything quite like that!

  2. Laney says:

    I think it’s called a grevillea. I would never have thought myself a lover of native bushes but am loving seeing them again. I think that being away so long has opened my eyes to the common scenes that we normally rush past.

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