The fireworks have ended, time has ticked forward and the party is over. Perhaps not over but definitely drawing to a close. It’s 2012 … Happy New Year.

This post has been forming and reforming itself in my mind the last few days. I had thought to leave it till I return to Copenhagen but decided not. It requires the perspective that being in Melbourne brings.

January marks the agreed upon date that my husband and I would begin to seriously talk about moving home. From now on, reality enters the mix of any discussion and there will be consequences associated. I had better start paying attention.

There is still a level of enthusiasm to moving home. It is slightly dimmed at the moment as the list of things I need to do can no longer be ignored. It is January after all.

The kids immunization records are high on the list. At one point they were organized and documented on an excel spreadsheet in anticipation of presenting them to relevant authorities when we returned. I think I remember what storage box there in. Hoping that the file was backed up as my computer crashed last week. Hmmm.

What school shall we put the kids in? We have decided to place the kids in the public system so the decision of which school they attend is reliant on where we choose (read can afford) to live.

This is the dilemma. Where do we want to live? We can afford many areas but not necessarily the house we want in any given area. Having spent more than 10 years making do, I feel a certain level of entitlement to the house of my dreams. The reality is that we will probably rent initially. So we will rent in the zone of the school we desire most. This then limits us to buying in that same area. What if ???? So many what if’s.

So begins the tale of my return home.

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One Response to 2012

  1. Kristine Holland says:

    The big picture, the higher moral ground, maintain your family core, stay close to each other in support and love….all the rest will work out for the best

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