House Hunting


Sassafras House

If we are friends on Facebook then you will have noticed a little obsession I have with houses in the Melbourne region. It began innocently when my husband asked me to keep an eye on the market. I made searches on real estate sites for houses that we might be interested in.

Initially my search parameters, primarily the $$ ones, were closer to reality. Time progressed and reality became slightly dull and I gradually widened the parameters. For a month or so I removed them all together. Such fun! About this time, the hubby tuned out completely. He’s not a big fan of hypotheticals (especially when I pose them) let alone trips into fairy land.

This brings us to today. I am SO excited. I have an appointment to view Sassafras House!!!! I’m taking my sister and it’s her job to be rational. It’s possible the realtor already thinks I’m nuts.

Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to House Hunting

  1. Ooh, lovely! I like all the windows (light!) and porches, and the surrounding landscape is beautiful.

  2. Laney says:

    it is a lovely house but a bit too far out of town for us. Good exercise though.

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