What is a Tai Tai?

Flowers in Chartres

One day, unlike any other day in my life, I sat down and decided to update my employment history on Facebook.  Why?  Because I had nothing better to do.  Now those who know me well are probably reacting exactly the way a friend did this morning when I admitted that sometimes my life does cause me stress.  Not ONLY did I update my employment history, I also added to each job the Facebook friends connected to it.  Consequently a whole bunch of people found that they worked at the mysterious company called “Life of a Tai Tai”.

I have decided to talk about this mysterious company because of the number of times I have been asked what a Tai Tai is.  The people who ask this have generally never lived in Asia.  A Tai Tai is the wife who (and this is my wording of the definition as it was explained to me) gets to float along in life with perfect nails, regular facials, looking glamorous everyday because she never has to lift a finger to do any work.  She does lunches, she has coffee, she may indulge in a little charity work, she has endless servants to clean up after her.  In Chinese culture she was generally the first wife … not sure what the other wives had to do.  They were probably the first wife’s minions.

Why did I decide to broadcast all over my Facebook profile that this is the life I lead?  Mainly because I began to get the distinct impression that this was how some people did in fact view my life and rather than trying to set everyone straight, I decided to claim it.

I am a Tai Tai and proud to be one!

I’m off now to sit down, put my feet up and raise a glass in salute to my Tai Tai sisters everywhere.  It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

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