An Ungrateful Cow

I’ve been reading heaps of articles recently on expat blogs talking about all things expat.  That is the wonder of the web and, as I’m discovering lately, the wonder of Twitter. It has bought a whole new world of people and thoughts into my sphere. And it has made me begin thinking about the wonder that is my life.

This week I am in North Jutland staying at our neighbors summer house. It sounds exciting and I am grateful that they gave us the opportunity to spend some time exploring a different part of Denmark. However, as much as I wanted to come, there was a large part of me that didn’t. To be truthful, I just wanted to stay at home and disappear. I didn’t want to talk to people and I definitely didn’t want to spend so much time entertaining my kids. We’d just spent over two weeks in France entertaining them. We had great times, bunches of fun, saw so many things on our list but I was exhausted. I just wanted some Kim time on my terms.

So here I am, in North Jutland staying at a Danish summer house. It’s a bit rustic, the vegetation could be a bit more controlled if you ask me and a little less in tune with nature. I am definitely a city chick … being close to nature always reinforces that fact. On Monday I was resentful that my husband was getting to go home and was leaving me here in the middle of nowhere with two kids and a monopoly board. Thankfully there was a strong wind blowing on the beach that day and some of those thoughts disappeared into the north Atlantic.

The weather was great on Tuesday and I sat on the beach reading my book and periodically marveling at the colour on my arms. Was it possible that I might be sporting a tan? I’m sure stranger things have happened (although my sister would probably disagree). On Wednesday I spent the day at an animal farm in love with life, Denmark and my kids. Today they are annoying me again and we’re back to square one.

The point of this is to say, yes I do have a wonderful life. I have lived in different places, been exposed to all sorts of cultures and traditions that many people never get to witness. I have been given the opportunity to learn new languages and opportunities to use them (although I never have … learnt them that is). My children are growing up in cultures that are not the same as our own … in actual fact their culture is alien to them. My life has been a gift … and some days I don’t appreciate this fact and am actually resentful of the things that are expected of me.

Despite that, I know that it is a gift. It is not always easy but whose life is. It’s not always sunshine and roses. It has meant that I have been able to spend time with my kids each and every day of their lives without the stress of a paid job. It means that I can spend a week with them in North Jutland and experience the wide range of emotions that every parent feels when they are alone with their kids. I also have the time and the luxury to feel resentment when it all seems a bit too much.

I really do have a blessed life.

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3 Responses to An Ungrateful Cow

  1. suzanne says:

    enjoyed reading this one laney!

  2. Great post because it’s honest! It’s all well and good for our kids to be bored so that they learn to entertain themselves through make believe, games, reading, etc. But it can still be a pain to listen to and deal with. I’d say anyone who is truthful will admit that being with their kids 24/7, day in/day out is a bit much. Everybody needs opportunities to be themselves away from their immediate family, moms included. Although your time away had its moments (I realize you’re back home now), what a great week of memories that your children will always remember. You’re not alone in sometimes feeling a little resentment 😉

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