Getting On With It

“An easy task becomes difficult when you do it with reluctance.” – Terence

I don’t know Terence but he has adequately described my feelings about blogging lately. I have been wending my way through the world of twitter trying to work it all out. I think I may be achieving some success but it is hard to know. I feel like the new kid in school standing on the outer attempting to discover what the social norms are and how they work. It’s eerily similar to my actual childhood. I should be able to work it out.

But do I want to be one of the cool kids or do I want write what I want to write? I have only recently discovered that I want to write and that has been a big step forward.

From what I can see you do to need to have a social presence especially if you want people to read what you write. No point putting online otherwise. This means that I need to understand Twitter. This shouldnt be too difficult as I do so enjoy learning to use new software and navigate through new systems. This one seems a little harder than others but it could be that I am used to talking to people I know rather than trying to get to know new people.

That is a bit of a revelation right there. Perhaps I was viewing it the wrong way. Hmmm.

I am also a little awestruck at the blogging community. There are many circles of people, some who interconnect, and they are all very supportive of one another. Sometimes a little gushy but definitely supportive. People have hinted that it is not always the way but thankful my wanderings have only been of the happy variety so far.

Not only are the supportive of what you write but they also freely offer advice which has helped steer me to where I am now. I don’t know that I could identify exactly where that is on a map but I do know that with each week my steps are moving forward. That’s always a good thing.


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One Response to Getting On With It

  1. suzanne says:

    love the honesty in the writing!

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