Traveling without WiFi

I am currently camped at the base of Mont St Michel, give or take a kilometer, listening to my husband deal with the temperamental tap in the miniature bathroom of our Camping Car.  While we have been enjoying the new experience of camping without a tent (the joy is immeasurable) there have been a few instances where our vision has not marched with reality.  WiFi is one of them.

Tonight is the first night in the RV (camping car) that we have had access to electricity.  We thought that we would be able to recharge our iPad, iPhone and iPods using the auxiliary power.  Alas no! So tonight I can type but I can not access my usual media outlets (Facebook and Twitter) due to the fact that we have not bothered obtaining Internet access when we are struggling to recharge a battery.

It occurred to us today that we have no idea what is going on in the world and it reminds us of our travels fifteen years ago.  Remember the times when you would hop around Europe seeing the sites, drinking, eating and completely oblivious to the life you’d left behind.  No Facebook updates, no mobile phones … no clues.  Well that’s what this week has been like for us.  We don’t even knew what the weather will be ( a slight lie… we found out at a pub today that had a very weak WiFi connection).

There is a certain joy in not knowing.  The type of joy that expresses itself by shouts of ‘they have free WiFi’ whenever the holy words appear.

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