I’ll Just Leave

I have an itchy scalp at the moment that I think is due to the high limescale content in the water here in Denmark. It has me thinking. There are many irritating aspects of living in each country and I manage to cope with them just fine.  I always know that one day I will be leaving.

I find that most problems can be lived with when you know that there is an end date. Prison might be an exception but i can’t speak to that not having any personal experience of it.  A terminal illness might be another that is difficult to adjust to.  When I am asked how I found living in Denmark, Singapore or China, I have always answered positively. Although I do clarify that I don think I could do it forever.

Both Denmark and Singapore are good examples to cite as they have extreme weather.  The winters in Copenhagen are much harsher than Australia. As much as my winter weary family and friends hate to hear it, 13 degrees does not a cold day make! It was not that many weeks ago that 13 degrees saw local Danes stashing their winter coats towards the back of the cupboard (you can’t hide them like we used to in New Jersey, winter could, and has, pop in for an unexpected hello).

In Singapore the weather is so humid, so wet and so unchanging that it causes similar responses to a Danish winter. I have always managed to find levels of joy in both circumstances but I think that is largely due to the fact that there is always an escape plan. I have said often and frequently that I probably could live in Denmark for the rest of my life as long as i never thought that that would be the case.

It seems that always having the opportunity to eventually escape your circumstances is quite a privilege.

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