Lovers of Travel

I’m curious. To be a lover of travel do you need to be a lover of flying?

I love traveling. I love seeing new places and documenting my travels with my camera. However, I have noticed more and more that I don’t relish the process of getting to my chosen destination. I don’t mind so much if I have to catch a train but that’s probably still a novelty. I hate catching buses long distance because that reminds me of when I was a student and couldn’t afford a train ticket. Cars … are ok especially now I can command the front seat. But flying, not my cup of tea.

It’s not that I am afraid of flying. I probably could be if I tried hard enough. I’ve had moments when we have flown through turbulence so rough that I have been quite concerned that I might nit make it to the end. However, fear is not what makes me dislike flying.

Without going into incredible detail, it’s the fact that my nose dries up, my legs begin to cramp and I bloat. 🙂 … Too much? The worst flights are those we take home each Christmas to Australia. They are almost 24 hours long, door to door. By the time I arrive I am exhausted, cranky, overtired and feeling a little hungover without any of the benefits the night before. Added to that cocktail of pleasantness is the residue of the dry nose, crampy legs and bloatiness I experienced on the plane.

So why do I fly. Why do I continue to do what I despise? For the joy at my destination. No matter how unbearable the trip, the destination is always worth it. That’s been my experience, in any case.

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